Food Events to Hit in Madrid This Month

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Madrid is slowly but surely turning into one of the favored culinary destinations in the world. Aside from the many traditional and formal restaurants it offers, you can also partake of some of the finest food delivery services and food truck events. It goes without saying that a private Madrid tour is generally incomplete if it doesn’t include some form of gratification for the palate.

El Tenedor (The Fork) Restaurant Week

For a limited time, this promotional event will be held in the main Spanish cities – Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, and Spain. There are several restaurants participating, all offering exclusive menus and reduced prices. These include fusion, traditional, and modern restaurants. Moreover, a Euro from each customer’s check goes towards Ayuda en Acción, a local NGO. We have made a list of the best restaurants to try.

  • Sagar: Meaning ‘ocean’, this Indian restaurant serves the kind of food that will give you a good idea about why visiting India can be good. They have delicious samoosas, tandooris, curries, and rice dishes. Sagar has a 9.1 rating from El Tenedor, as well as a 4.5/5 rating from past customers.
  • Huarike Paradero Gourmet: This is a Peruvian restaurant, which serves really good Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. They have a roster of creative and rich dishes you will definitely want to try. Check out oxtail-stuffed tequeños with huancaína cream, duck croquettes, wild corvina ceviche, and chifero tacos.
  • Rugantino Casa Tua: This place has been around since 1973, serving mouth-watering Italian cuisine to lucky customers. It is not just the food that draws people back after they have visited the place once; the decorations are tastefully done, and the atmosphere is quite pleasant and welcoming.

Pulpo Pasión

This event seeks to promote Galician cuisine, with emphasis laid on the “pulpo” part, which means octopus. Around 67 restaurants will be taking part this year. You have “pulperias” and traditional restaurants, as well as companies and institutions looking to boost awareness on this type of food. Specially made octopus dishes can be enjoyed throughout Madrid until May 13. These will be served the in full dish mode or in a tapa, with a sponsor, Albariño “Pulpo”, serving out white wine. Other sponsors include Bodega Pagos del Rey and Pulpo Albariño DO Rías Baixas.