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Paris is a city that tolerates all kinds of artistic pursuits. You can find artists that practice diverse forms of art and there are ample opportunities to learn them. There is no shortage of dance classes available for you. Whether you like tango, salsa, ballet, or kizomba, different places teach you these dance forms. Below is a discussion on some of the top places where you can take dance classes after your Louvre Museum tours.

Centre Momboye

Large populations from Cameroon, Guinea, Senegal, and Mali brought diverse dance forms with them to France. Parisians were soon hooked to the rhythm and appeal of these forms. This is exactly what Centre Momboye preaches. They have a tradition of learning from the old ways and promoting the art of gestures through drumming. You have the chance to learn Bolowi, the acrobatic dance of Ivory Coast. There are more forms from the same region such as Kotou and Boloye which represent joy. The Guinea strong man’s dance, the Dundumba, and the Senegal Sabar air dance are also taught here. The teachers are very warm and friendly and are known to work well with everyone who knows a bit of English.

Le Mandunga

Música tropical, popularly called Salsa is taught at Mandunga. You can dance on the veranda in the warmer months or choose to use the two-level floor inside. Regardless of whether you love the Cuban or the mixed-style Salsa, you will certainly learn attractive moves and meet many people who share their passion for this interesting form of dance. The place is situated in La Villette and the classes are taught by El Salserito or the professed professor of Salsa. They will teach you how to master the dance without losing the sultry mood. Even children take part in the dance on Sunday afternoons.

La Coupole

It is better to visit La Coupole without hoping to take dance lessons. Come prepared to show off your moves at this brasserie or restaurant. It has a lower level which has been immortalized by Sartre, Hemingway, and Man Ray. Get on with the dance under the twilight with your company. Make sure you maintain distance from couples who have been visiting the place for years on Tuesdays to display Salsa. Other weeknights you usually run into foreigners.

Paris has a great collection of places to polish your dancing skills. Make sure you consider the above when you plan them.