The Best Pastry Shops in Paris

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The beautiful City of Lights is not only popular for the Louvre Museum tours but is also regarded as a sanctuary of patisseries. In fact, Paris city serves as one of the best patisseries available in the entire world. Eating at this awesome city is one of the most wonderful ways of experiencing the beauty of the French capital and its culture. Moreover, you would be walking off the entire calorie intake; therefore, you should not be afraid of satisfying your wishes. Below is the list of the finest pastry shops in Paris.


This lovely sweet shop is located in a beautiful cobbled street of the Latin Quarter. This shop is famous for its choux à la crème, which is a French treat. These cream puffs are cute and so delicious that you would definitely want to have more. It is also easy to continue eating them, as they are very light and fluffy. The shop has a charming attic-like room on its top floor from where you could get an awesome view of the Notre Dame.

Sébastien Gaudard

You would really get amused as you enter this whimsy tearoom. The pastries they serve at this place are mouthwatering. The shop also has a good interior décor with marble tables and pastel blue hues. The entire place is lighted up using natural lighting and bulbs that are suspended from the ceiling; both of these lighting effects give the room a heavenly look. You could also get a handful of tasty caramels au beurre here.


Most people on Paris tours give their foremost priority to Ladurée when it comes to having tasty and colorful macarons. This luxury bakery is located in Rue Bonapart, and it is also one of the prettiest pastry shops in Paris. They serve about 15,000 macarons each day. Another specialty of this bakery is the Marie Antoinette tea, which is a mixture of Chinese black tea, rose petals, citrus fruits, and honey.

Pierre Hermé

This awesome shop is owned by Pierre Hermé, who was given the title of World’s Best Pastry Chef in 2016. He is awesome at creating tasty combinations and is not afraid of making unexpected combinations. Some of his incredible combinations include chocolate and foie gras or vanilla and olive oil; just like the flavors sound eccentric, they also taste remarkable. The only thing you have to do when you are at this place is to trust his extraordinary creativity. They also prepare the best macarons that you could get in the town.