The Best Gifts to Bring Home From Paris

Private Louvre Museum Tour
Private Louvre Museum Tour

Best Gifts From Paris

Covering all the iconic sights and attractions in the city of Paris should be your priority in Paris city tours. Paris tour experts say that you will not be able to cover all the famous tourist attractions in Paris in a few days. Therefore, it is better to plan a five or six day tour package.

Additionally, you should have an efficient plan on the places and spots that you need to visit while you are in the city of lights. Sticking to your plan will help you to make the most of your Paris tour. However, you might probably be spending one of your tour days to shop some souvenirs and gifts for your friends and loved ones. However, many tourists often wonder what the best gifts to buy from Paris are. Below are some of the best Paris gift options.


The first thing that many of the tourists to Paris do when they are shopping, is to buy some of the best Parisian chocolates. Check out the ganaches, pralines and fruit chocolates from La Maison du Chocolat and the four flavors of chocolate from Alain Ducasse’s bean, as they are much popular among the locals and visitors.


If you are a tea drinker, then you will definitely have to buy at least a caddy of tea from any one of the historic Parisian teahouses, like the Mariage Frères. You will be able to find about 500 different varieties in muslin sachets right here. However, make sure to taste them before buying, as it will help you to find the best varieties for you.


Paris has a lot to offer for book lovers. You can find a number of Paris-related fictions in English at the widely popular Shakespeare & Company bookshop. In addition, you can also find plenty of books in different genres to suit your reading tastes.


The handmade perfumed candles of Paris will evoke the memories of the city even after you have left. Candles are wonderful gifts that you can give to your parents and grandparents. So, make sure to look for some beautiful candles and buy a few dozens of them before you leave the city of Paris.

Parisian Collectibles

If you are taking a stroll on the banks of the Seine River, you will find plenty of stores that offer a rich collection of Parisian collectibles like vintage stamps, posters, autographs, antiquarian books, and postcards.