Reasons Why Paris Is the Ultimate Holiday Destination

Louvre Museum Tours
Louvre Museum Tours

Enjoying Paris

Paris remains one of the top destinations for tourists during the holidays. The distinctive culture of Paris offers something that many other destinations don’t and is one of the reasons for its unending popularity among the visitors. It has a wealth of iconic attractions like the Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower, and the Arc De Triomphe.

During the holiday season, the Parisian cities teem with new life and get bustling, which is a remarkable sight. Visiting during the holidays is definitely the best way to enjoy the city of Paris. The following are some of the reasons to visit Paris during the holidays.

Christmas Market

The markets in Paris come alive with a new vigor unlike any others in the world. The Christmas markets are one of the unique traditions of Paris and are the best destinations to seek out for on your next visit to Paris. They are known as Les Marches de Noel and are a worthy place to visit that bestows the visitor with festive spirits. The Christmas Market on the Avenue des Champs-Elysees is the biggest and the best places to visit for enjoying shopping and local cuisines.

Window Shopping

The collection of a large number of boutiques and designer stores makes Paris the ideal destinations for shopping. The city also offers a unique experience in window-shopping by exhibiting some of the best displays in front of shops. For shopping lovers, this offers a true visual delight. The best displays are found in Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, and Le Bon Marche. These areas feature displays of animated figures with music and lighting.

Ice Skating

During the holiday season, the city of Paris transforms into a sports lover’s paradise with its offering of unique ice skating experience. The Patinoire de L’Hotel de Ville is the perfect spot for ice skating and the most popular one among visitors. It is located outside the city besides the Seine River.

Giant Ferris wheel

The truly big Ferris wheel is the singular most attraction in Paris during the holiday season. It offers a spectacular view of the Parisian cityscape from a height of 200 meters. Located in the Place de la Concorde this giant Ferris wheel should never be missed in your next travel itinerary to Paris.

Discounts on stay

The holiday season is the best time to visit Paris as most hotels and apartments offer good discounts. Some even offer a 25 percent discount for the stay, which is excellent for enjoying the city at small costs.