Louvre Museum Exhibits Artworks from “Marquis Campana’s Collection”

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The Musée du Louvre is hosting “A Dream of Italy: The Marquis Campana’s Collection”, which is on view until February 18, 2019. The Musée du Louvre in Paris is hosting the exhibition in collaboration with Saint Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum. The exhibit showcases more than five hundred artworks from “The Marquis Campana’s Collection”.

Giampietro Campana is famous for bringing an extensive collection of 19th-century artworks together. The original collection consists of more than twelve-thousand archaeological objects, statues, paintings, and objets d’art, which encompass ancient as well as modern artifacts.

Two masterful artworks put on view for those on Louvre Museum tours are the “Battle of San Romano”, and “Sarcophagus of the Spouses”. The exhibit also touches upon Giampietro Campana’s romantic figure, his passion for art collection, as well as how he brought this one together by way of excavation, the art and antique market, the collectors’ network between Naples, Rome and Florence, as well as his associations with scientific institutions.

The museum wrote, “After a high-profile trial in which Campana was convicted of embezzlement in 1857, the collection was seized and sold by the Papal States. The sensation sparked by its subsequent dispersal throughout Europe was testament to its importance in the Italian and European cultural consciousness. A significant part of the Campana Collection was purchased in 1861 by Tsar Alexander II, enriching the collections of The State Hermitage Museum. The rest of the collection — over 10,000 works — was purchased by Napoleon III and shared between the Musee du Louvre and various regional museums. Over time, the collection has proved to be a source of inspiration for European artists and artisans, particularly in gold and silversmithing.”

The Musée du Louvre’s President cum Director, Jean-Luc Martinez said, “The Campana exhibition will go to Saint Petersburg this summer after a passage in Rome. The Louvre and the Hermitage inaugurate, with this exhibition, a series of major partnerships. I would like to comment the generosity of the Hermitage museum in its loans today, renewed for the future exhibition ‘Leonard de Vinci’ in the Louvre in the autumn of 2019 as well as for the one on Uzbekistan, ‘Civilizations and Cultures of Silk routes,’ which will be presented at the Musee du Louvre from October 2021 to January 2022, then at the Hermitage.”

The Marquis Campana Collection represents both the ancient and modern cultural heritage of Italy, a serves as a foundation for the depiction of the nation’s transformation during the 19th century.