Interesting Things to Do Near the Batignolles Neighborhood in Paris

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In any random Louvre Museum tours, you will suddenly rush into this calm residential area, which is not included in the list of most sought after tourist places of Paris. Situated immediately northwest of Montmartre in the 17th arrondissement of Pigalle district, the place is constituted more of a rural and leafy atmosphere. However, quite recently, the place had been gradually transforming into a lively tourist destination with the emergence of laid-back nightlife and old restaurants. Below are some innovative ideas to spend your quality time in the coolest manner.

Drop into Any Random Bars

The unfussy district of Pigalle houses numerous bars that celebrate nightlife to its fullest, altering your evening to a totally relaxed one. A glass of cocktail or wine can be enjoyed along with some tapas and cheese, as the area has got such many interesting places. Ultra glamorous pubs are indeed a rare sight in Batignolles.

Spend some time at the Square Des Batignolles

Once an independent village outside the mainland, Batignolles is still deemed as a place for a total chill out from the busy metropolitan. Covered in lush green with all sorts of trees, river, grottoes, ponds and even a waterfall, Square Des Batignolles is a tranquil place where you can spend hours peacefully by remaining very close to nature. Independent bakeries and shops stretch from the street just outside the entrance of this defined area. Visitors after their window shopping sit down on the benches set up there. Moreover, a small French Village is suggested by the nearby established Sainte-Marie Church.

Exploring the Organic Farmer Market

A Saturday morning can be well spent here in the market, as you can roam around buying all those necessary organic kinds of stuff for home. Interesting stalls will be put every weekend that could be browsed in this colorful market. Purple asparagus, fresh fish, meat, strawberries or anything organic can be picked up from the merchandise, beside the boon of having a feel-good emotion with the beautiful visual appearance of the same.

Admire Art at Le BAL

The local contemporary art can best be viewed and discovered from these not so popular, though primo cultural centers. Once you visit the exhibitions organized by the photographers and local artists, you will get inspired by the magnificent French art. Besides that, documentaries and films are screened at Le BAL.