How to Ride the Parisian Metro like a Local

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Paris will be one of the main cities on the bucket list of almost every traveler. After all, the city boasts a number of stunning attractions that are perfect to answer the wanderlust of people. However, first-timers may find it a bit challenging to get around in Paris since it is quite big and the attractions are scattered here and there. So, it will be crucial for the visitors to figure out a decent mode of transportation so that you can venture as many beautiful spots in the capital city of France as you can on your trip.

One of the best options that you may consider here is metro trains. In fact, the Parisian metro rail system is the most reliable and fastest way to travel around the city. There are 14 metro lines in Paris that almost every local access to for their everyday transportation needs. Yet note that there is a certain code of conduct, which you must keep up while riding a metro in the French capital. Some of those important rules that you must follow so as to fit in the metro like a local are given below.

Purchase Tickets in Bulk

If you do not have a local metro pass, you can still make your journey convenient by purchasing your tickets in bulk. This way, you can skip the long and tiring queues in the metro station hereafter. This will be really helpful, especially if you opt to travel at peak hours. Furthermore, it is better to keep some cash with you while traveling in metro trains since some ticket machines do not accept credit cards.

Know When to Sit and Stand

There is certain etiquette that you must follow while sitting in one of the fold-up chairs in a metro train. It is supposed to use during the less-crowded time. In case your train is really crowded, it will be better to stand up from your fold-up chair in order to make some room for your fellow passengers. Moreover, it is a good gesture to offer your seats for elderly and differently abled people. However, you must be really careful with this because some elderly who are perfectly fit may find this gesture insulting or awkward.

Keep the Volume Down

It is always recommended to keep your volume down at public places, let alone the case of metro trains. Loud discussions or telephone conversations may make you look annoying in the crowd. Plus, it will disturb the other commuters. After all, you will not be the only one on the train with a phone or friends. Rather, you can do things like enjoying the spectacular sight outdoors, reading a book, or listening to your favorite songs using headphones, etc., while riding a metro in Paris.