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Are you a person conscious about what you eat? If yes, you would have no problem finding the best food in Paris. Besides, organic food is the trend of the moment. Several restaurants pay attention to healthy eating in Paris. Below is a discussion on some of the top recommended hotels to find organic food after your Louvre Museum tours.

Café Pinson

Do you want to get a taste of stylish and organic food? If yes, Café Pinson is the right place for you. Appreciate sound, flavorful and innovative cooking by booking a table in this comfortable and quieting café. Everything is prepared with locally acquired substances and seasonal vegetables, as far as feasible. Besides, the food is chosen with a lot of conditions: the café chose Terroirs d’avenir for its uncommon vegetables, Coutume for its espresso and Pukka for its homegrown herbal teas.

You will be impressed by the quality of items, the delicious dishes, juices that are handmade and the wholegrain oat 100 % natural. The eatery proposes a decent menu that shifts each day with various vegan dishes with or without gluten based on your need. Overall, it offers a great way to keep away the routine.

L’Abattoir Végétal

An incredible location for veggie lovers, L’Abattoir Végétal is situated on the site of a previous butcher’s shop. Note that only fruits and vegetables are butchered here in attractive and eye-catchy arrangements. The costs are more than sensible. Besides, the positive mindset of the couple who run the place will make you return to taste all you can. You can ensure your daily supply of healthy food before you set out for everyday life. So do not fail to exploit this vegetable and natural break.

Le Bon Jour

This is a Brasserie of French convention providing home-made dishes with wine. The entire setting is very friendly and peaceful, ideal for a memorable meal. Furthermore, you will realize that full-seasoned cooking rhymes with generous offerings. In case you are thinking of lunch or supper, it is the location not to miss while in Paris.


A little café in the core of Paris, Ensuite offers various light and delicious meals created with crisp and natural food. On Saturdays, you can see the early lunch menu show up, which is very healthy and adjusted. Find crisp and organic fruit juices to excite your taste buds. Find the serving of a salad bar where you can appreciate natural and great vegetables.

Le 1 Place Vendôme

With a smooth decoration blending beautifully with the glossy silk and the velvet, this exquisite eatery will impress you with its complex delicacies. Cooking only includes French regular items and a thorough choice guaranteeing excellent quality.

Who does not want to taste wild strawberries Saint Honore, above a foie gras prepared in a cloth? They are also available over a roasted lamb filet or still over mini-pastries. Visit this place and sit down at a table for a genuine understanding of the taste.

Additionally, the eatery proposes you menus that advance as indicated by the seasons. It changes with the shifts in the French market.


Simultaneously a bistro, café, counter and canteen, Supernature has several outlets to impress. You can even appreciate Sunday informal breakfast with new and seasonal produce. The costs are very cheap. Hence, you can entertain yourself however you see fit and fill your stomach with delicious yet natural nourishment.

Le Bio d’Adam et Eve

This café is not overlooked by the sequential customers from the Halles. Its specialties include gourmet cooking and a changing menu day by day with items only made in France. This restaurant is an ideal place for those with a gluten-free diet. Fundamental ingredients are sourced from nearby makers: the salmon and the bread are obtained from the Ile-de-France, the seeds are gathered in the Pays de la Loire, the yogurt prepared with ewe milk from Larzac.

For all fruits and vegetables, the supply is from France. Besides, the season is given importance over the rest. There would be no crisp tomatoes in winter on your plates but expect red Kuri squash and carrots. You can dine there, unwind in the tearoom, visit and see the goods in flavors and appreciate the space café.


GreenHouse focuses on the right ingredients and the balanced diet. They own a vegetable garden with several fruits and vegetables grown organically. All the meal served here are sourced from these fruits and vegetables. All the vegetable lovers will find a great spot here. Besides, they become a wine bar at night, adding to its charm.

With an increase in health awareness among people, there is a growing demand for good organic food in cities like Paris which is properly met by eateries mentioned above. Consider eating here after your Louvre Museum tours.