Egyptian Antiquities at the Louvre Museum

Paris Louvre Museum TourParis Louvre Museum Tour
Paris Louvre Museum Tour

Paris Louvre Museum Tour

Louvre museum is a place that you have to visit at any cost, when you are on your Paris tour. The museum is famous for its Egyptian antiquities. Given below are some of the Egyptian antiquities at Louvre that you should not miss.

Twenty Squares Board Game

The board game of twenty squares originated in third millennium BC and it was one of the loved indoor games of that period in ancient Egypt. Later on, the game acquired religious meanings and the board was modified to include 31 squares. Funerary texts of that period mention about the wish of the deceased to be admitted into the pantheon as 31st god and for the wish to be fulfilled he/she had to win this game’s new version.

Akhenaton and Nefertiti

The sculpture shows Akhenaton and his wife Nefriti, the royal couple holding hands. The king has a blue crown, the queen wears a headdress, and both are dressed in clothes made of fine linen. During Akhenaton’s time, people considered royal couple as sun god’s earthly manifestation and the sculptures like this were kept in private altars for the purpose of worship.

Amenophis IV

It is a pillar fragment of a building,which was located to the east of Temple of Amon. It depicts the face of Amenophis IV also known as Akhanaten and is an Amarna style structure. The Amarna style is a characteristic of the reign of Amenophis IV and there exist several supporting documents claiming that, it was the pharaoh himself that formed artistic rules for the sculptors to follow.

In his early years, Amenophis IV established the monotheistic worship of God Re, and the visible manifestation of the god was the sun disk. The structure depicts the pharaoh as the incarnation of sun god.

Angle Harp

The harp was one of the favorite musical instruments of the Egyptians and it was depicted in the relief structures and paintings from the age of Old Kingdom. The instrument that is exhibited in the Louvre, is the only one of its kind in working condition. The angle harp has a tailpiece made of pine and a sound box made of cedar. The instrument is fitted with 21 dowels that are alternatively dark and light.

The east invented the angle harp and its popularity in Egypt grew during the Greek-Roman period. The instrument had a wide range and produced sound that was low and muffled.

Aphrodite Anadyomene

The Greek goddess Aphrodite is portrayed in a shell and is upheld by two sea monsters. Both Egyptians and Greeks of Egypt worshipped the goddess. The Christian culture also adopted the goddess as a symbol of the soul that gets purified after baptism.

While you are on your Paris Louvre museum tour, the exhibited artifacts take you back in time. You should never miss the chance to visit the renowned museum to admire its proud collections.