What Game of Thrones Fans Should Know about British Museum’s Scythian Exhibit

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British Museum’s Scythian Exhibit

An artifact named “The Plaque” denotes a Scythian rider sitting on a horse and wielding a spear in his right arm. The Plaque will be one of the highlights of the Exhibition Scythians: Warriors of Ancient Siberia and would boggle the mind of those who tour British Museum from September 2017 onwards. Recently, the British Museum compared the Scythians with Dothraki, the fictional horse riders of the Game of Thrones novels and the HBO series of the same name.

The Exhibition Scythians: Warriors of Ancient Siberia, which starts from September midweek this year and runs until January midweek next year, is going to be exciting for Game of Thrones fans and neutrals as well. Hashtag #Scythians and #GoT on your Twitter handle and you could come across the Exhibition Scythians: Warriors of Ancient Siberia in the British Museum. What’s more, the Scythian Exhibit would pay homage to Game of Thrones characters.

The Dothraki clan, known better to the fans of Game of Thrones by Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa), is “so far, so Scythian”, says the British Museum. Reinstating Dothraki also has clear parallels with Mongols as well as the Huns and has “several similarities” with the Scythians.

“If you’re excited about another fantastical series of Game of Thrones, you’re not alone,” declared the British Museum recently. “The terrifying Dothraki take their lead from the equally terrifying Scythians,” points out the British Museum while going on to reinstate that “Scythians and the Dothraki fight on horseback and are excellent archers.”

Scythians had dug their tombstones deep into the Siberian permafrost, which remains frozen for the most part of a calendar year. The Plaque depicts a scene from a Scythian funeral, where Scythians grew their hair long and cut it only on the event of the death of a Dothraki leader to imply defeat.

The Exhibition Scythians: Warriors of Ancient Siberia will put those on a private British Museum tour amid a historical chapter. It is said that Scythians are feisty horse riders cum nomads with body tattoos and have a hundred year long history. Some of the artifacts will be excavated and the British Museum will loan around 200 objects from overseas museums for the exhibition as well.