Ancient Objects to Catch When you Tour British Museum

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When you tour British Museum, you will get to see the Rosetta Stone and the Parthenon Sculptures as well, which belong to Ancient Greece. The British Museum is one of the oldest existing museums in Europe and both Londoners as well as outside visitors peer into this museum to see many such ancient objects. Below are some of the famous ancient pieces to catch when you tour British Museum.

  • In the British Museum, you can see the figure of a ‘mermaid’ in the enlightenment gallery. The object predates to ancient Japan and has a monkey’s body and a fishtail.
  • Go to room number 50 of the British Museum, and you can see the remnants of the Lindow Man. The 24-year-old Brit’s body was conserved in a wetland so the excavators had not got the full body of the Lindown, except the remnants.
  • You can also catch one of the early remnants of Buddhist art from China here – the statue of Lord Buddha, which has many ancient inscriptions on it as well. The Buddha Sculpture ranges close to 6 meters tall. The monk-like face and the scale of the Buddha Sculpture are often sought after by visitors.
  • Another familiar sight is Mechanical Galleon, the table ornament with the rolling ball clock placed just below it. Visitors often gather around the Mechanical Galleon to see it from up close, and the British Museum’s curators have ideally put it inside the glass shelf.
  • You can also see the “Statuette of Ajax” in your private tour British Museum, which was discovered by the British Museum curator, Ian Jenkins, who was also an expert in ancient Greek sculptures. The very small Statue of Ajax is an ancient representation of a popular character in Greek Art and depicts the suicide of Ajax.
  • When you tour British Museum, there are more ancient objects to see; for instance, the Iznik pottery – the ceramics pottery made in Turkey’s Ottoman Empire, and the Turquoise snake – the twin-headed serpent that the Aztecs believed could predict future events.

Visitors also go to the Museum’s Assyrian galleries to see the Black Obelisk, which depicts the tales of King Shalmaneser III. Another highlight is the mummified animals – those who tour British Museum try to identify the Egyptian mummified cats at one glance as a challenge. In fact, with plenty of mummified animals on display, visiting the British Museum and finding out which Egyptian animal is which is a challenge.