Interesting Chocolate Shops to Visit in Paris

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The beautiful Paris city is well known for its museums, landmarks, and monuments. While on a private Louvre Museum tour, you would be able to see a number of beautiful and famous artworks like Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, the raft of the Medusa, and many more. The Paris city along with its historic monuments and artifacts is also well known for its appetizing cakes and loaves of bread.

The Parisian dishes are so delicious that they would absolutely take your taste buds to the taste of heaven. Among all the delicacies available in the city, what most of the foodies would fall for are the city’s delightful chocolate creations. The skilled chocolatiers of the city create both contemporary and traditional chocolates. Below is a list of some of the best chocolate shops in Paris.

Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini is a Belgian chocolate shop, owned by the chef Pierre Marcolini. The shop has many branches distributed all over the City of Lights. The talented chef has been perfecting his art of chocolate making for about 20 years. The signature treats at this wonderful place include the square-shaped Carré2 Chocolate bars and the raspberry heart, crammed with a mixture of dark chocolate and raspberry pulp.

In the wonderful chocolate boxes, you would be able to find praline sleigh bells and a selection of other chocolates. Along with this, they also provide glistening chocolate hearts that contain less sugar, Champagne truffles, and handcrafted salted caramel.

Patrick Roger

Patrick Roger is among the finest chocolate shops in the city. They serve chocolates in sky blue colored boxes with different varieties of chocolates, which include ganaches, hemispheres, pralines, and other chocolate creations. You would be able to purchase the delightful round Hemispheres in separate boxes too. You would be able to taste many other flavors too, in this place like the lime caramel (Amazone), Mistral (a mixture of salted butter caramel and honey), and Rafale (a mixture of raisin caramel and vinegar).

Dark chocolate bars having about 65% to 100% of cocoa are also available at this place. All the chocolates served at this place are imported from the best chocolate spots all over the world, which comprises Cuba, Brazil, Madagascar, Ecuador, Tanzania, and Sri Lanka.

Debauve & Gallais

Debauve & Gallais has been running in the field of chocolate creation for more than 200 years. Sulpice Debauve was actually appointed as the chocolatier for the French Royal family. It was Sulpice Debauve, who put up this shop during the year 1800. Debauve & Gallais is among one of the few royal chocolate suppliers who operate up until the present day.

By 1823, Auguste Gallais, who was Debauve’s nephew, joined the business along with him and this is how the company acquired its present name. Debauve was actually a pharmacist and he mixed cocoa butter for the first time in order to cure the headache of Queen Marie-Antoinette. His original chocolate pills are now known as The Queen’s Coins. Other specialties of this awesome place include the Cats Box, which consists of four chocolates molded in the form of cats, and the golf ball inspired white shells of chocolate crammed with praline.

Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse

The French chef Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse brought up this wonderful chocolate shop. He also has started a number of restaurants. He only uses the best cocoa beans for making chocolates. They usually prepare three kinds of chocolates, which include the truffles, ganaches, and pralines. From this place, you would be able to purchase a discovery box containing dark and milk chocolate pralines and ganaches.

The box contains 12 pieces of chocolates in 12 flavors, which include passion fruit, lime, coconut, vanilla, pistachio, and other tasty flavors. Other than this, the place also serves other 47 types of chocolate variations from signature chocolates to Mendiant chocolate bars topped with caramelized nuts. The place also features chocolate spread, candied fruit, and dragée sweets.

Jean-Paul Hévin

This awesome chocolate shop is run by the Jean-Paul Hévin, who is a renowned French pastry chef. He acquired the vocational certificate for chocolatier and ice cream maker in 1974. It was his mother, who thought him to cook his first recipes. He has many other chocolate shops distributed throughout the city in the areas of the Marais, Jardin du Luxembourg, Invalides, and Vendôme. They also have their shops at luxe food emporium Lafayette Gourmet near and Louvre.

The chocolate bars served at this place are made using the finest cocoa beans, which includes Grand Crus collection. Grand Crus collection comprises notes of coffee, spices, flowers, nuts, and coffee. You could also find colored chocolates in the golden chocolate boxes. You would be able to get truffles here too; they mostly come in shiny tins along with sweet-smelling and crispy low-sugar pralines.