Five Iconic Cinema Houses to Visit in Paris

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Iconic Cinema Houses

The city of Paris has held a crucial position in the history of cinema. Right from the first public exhibition of cinema to the influential film movements that shaped it, Paris has remained the cradle for the birth and development of cinema as a major art form in the 20th century. Concurring with this rich cinematic tradition is the existence of several distinct types of cinema houses that line the cities and streets of Paris.

These iconic cinema houses stand as a testimony of the city’s vibrant film culture and host the several film festivals and screening of classics from world cinema. Alongside Parisians, foreign visitors have also included this cinema houses in their Paris private tour programs, considering their importance in the history of the city. Below are five of the iconic cinema houses to visit in Paris. Each of these cinema houses promises a unique viewing experience, so they should definitely be included in your Paris private tour itinerary.

La Cinematheque Francaise

La Cinematheque Francaise is the right place to visit for those looking forward to a complete cinema going experience. It hosts numerous other programs besides screening such as temporary exhibitions, short tour programs, library visits, etc. The most valuable artifacts of cinema history are preserved here and it offers a great chance for cinema lovers to get acquainted with the rich history of cinema alongside the screening of world classics.

Le Brady

Le Brady offers a truly cozy experience to the visitors due to its limited screening capacity. The remarkable selection of unknown films and recent festival winners is one of the specialties of Le Brady. The cinema house still retains its old look and has a rich history, as it was the favorite among many influential French filmmakers.

Cinema Etoile Pagode

Cinema Etoile Pagode is now a historic monument and offers a truly distinctive cinema experience for the viewer. Its design is borrowed from the Japanese tradition and includes an oasis and garden. Besides the four films available, viewers can also enjoy tea tasting in the gardens and watch the movies in succession.

La Geode

For visitors keen on experiencing an immersive cinema viewing experience in their Paris private tour, La Geode is the place to go. The hemispherical screen and surround sound system will offer a distinctive cinema going experience much like a planetarium. It mainly screens nature and science documentaries as well as theatres and musicals.

La Filmotheque du Quartier Latin

La Filmotheque du Quartier Latin hosts an extensive collection of movies and its cozier environment is great for watching movies. The diverse range of films such as Finnish, Hungarian, Kurdish, etc., is screened here. Besides, this cinema house also attracts a more diverse audience from around the world.