Visiting the Montparnasse Neighborhood of Paris

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The rich political, cultural, and artistic history of Paris has made it one of the most loved cities in the world. The physical remains in each Parisian neighborhood will tell you a lot about the legends and stories that made the city famous. If you are a person who wishes to explore the rich history of the Dutch capital, then you should definitely visit the Montparnasse during your Paris tour.

Montparnasse, which is considered as a mythical Parisian neighborhood by both natives and tourists, is situated between the 6th and 14th district of Paris. Only a few tourists are aware that this neighborhood was named after the Mount Parnassus, home of the nine muses of arts and sciences in the Greek mythology.

The Montparnasse neighborhood has always been a lively center of the artistic and cultural scene of the City of Lights. During the 1910’s, the artists in Paris used to gather around in the Montparnasse neighborhood for its peculiar atmosphere and cheap way of life. Pablo Picasso was among the first few artists who left Montmartre to settle in Montparnasse. A number of artists and intellectuals such as Ernest Hemingway, Dali, Giacometti, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Cézanne followed Picasso and settled in the Montparnasse neighborhood later.

The artistic and intellectual effervescence played a crucial role in creating the libertarian and creative atmosphere, which characterized the Montparnasse neighborhood during the roaring twenties. It is true that Montparnasse is no longer a center of artistic life, but the neighborhood has not yet lost its twentieth century vibe. Below are some of the best sights in this Parisian neighborhood that you should not miss during your Paris tour.

Musée Zadkine

The Zadkine Museum is a charming small establishment in Montparnasse and is situated in an elegant street near the famous Luxembourg Gardens. This museum was home to the internationally renowned Russian-born sculptor Ossip Zadkine, whose works were highly influenced from the Greek and African art.

Carrefour Vavin

The Carrefour Vavin, which is popularly known as the Place Pablo Picasso, has a reputation of being the cultural and artistic and cultural intersection point of the city during 1910 to 1930’s. The term ‘Carrefour Vavin’ can be translated to “the intersection of four roads at Vavin’. You can find four mythical cafes at each of the four intersection points.

Rue de Rennes

If you are a person, who loves to shop, then you should head straight to Rue de Rennes after reaching Montparnasse. You can find a number of local and international chain stores at the Rue de Rennes. If you take a stroll through the streets, you can find several boutiques and classy restaurants.