Top Unusual Museums to Visit When on a Paris Tour

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Paris has many quirky museums that reveal some of the lesser-known things about the City of Lights. For instance, you may know the city has several flea markets, monuments, and so forth, but did you know that it has a sewer tunnel turned into museum space? Of course, you might have visited the Sewers Museum, but there are several other places too with similar kind of unusualness, which you can explore during an all-inclusive Paris tour.

Musée des Arts Forains

This museum is home to objects that make people associate it to a mini-carnival, which trace back to the period known as Belle Epoque. In other words, it has a pedal-pushing carousel powered by riders, and another one depicting wooden figures of wine waiters. The museum has an interactive feel and offers a sense of nostalgia to natives and those familiar with the capital city of yesteryear. It offers guided tours to visitors, but you need to reserve a visit. Of course, its collections are such that people of all age group will insist on seeing it when on a Paris tour.

Musée du Parfum

This museum is devoted to perfume as the name says, although it was named after the perfumery Fragonard located in Grasse. The museum is situated nearby Opera Garnier in the 9th administrative district of Paris and highlights the skills of glassblowers as well as other craftspeople, which are vital to perfume making. You can get to know the evolution of perfume, from the ancient times to the current day.

Au Bonheur du Jour

This art gallery situated nearby Palais Royal has two exhibit floors, one of which is dedicated to past and recent photography and thematic exhibits, and another that houses drawings, paintings, and many other artifacts. Housed in a land, which used to be a brothel space, the collections of the museum evokes a sense of eroticism. It even has memorabilia devoted to the luxurious brothel that used to exist here in the past.

Musée de la Magie

This museum in Paris gives an outline of magic and illusion with artifacts and paraphernalia devoted to both art forms. There are many items in the Museum of Magic, including magic boxes, funhouse mirrors, and a doorway resembling a monster’s mouth. For a more kid-friendly attraction when on a Paris tour, head to Musée des Automates situated next door.