The Most Charming Streets of Paris City

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The picture postcard beauty of Paris city lies in its cobblestoned streets, passages, and tree-lined avenues. The iconic architectures in the City of Lights can be seen from hillocks, yet there is something special about Parisian streets that invite people from all walks of life. To make your overall Paris private tour worthwhile, make it a point to explore these charming streets. If you are a hardcore foodie, a sightseer, or even a travel photographer, there are very few places elsewhere in the country, which could suit your interests better.


A list of prettiest Parisian streets will not be complete without a mention of the Champs-Élysées Avenue in the 8th arrondissement. Of course, this is where most people throng during their Paris tour. There is a reason why it is popular among natives and tourists alike. With the Arc de Triomphe monument at one end, the Place de la Concorde square at the other, and several landmarks nestled in between, the avenue has an allure of its own. It is great for shopping, but you will have to stop for refreshments along the way.

Rue Cler

If you want to grab some food and take it somewhere else to eat, this market road has plenty of shops that sell French delicacies. You can find everything from brioche, honey, roasted chicken, cheese, vegetables, and fresh fruits to ice cream here. This is where Parisians come for fresh produce, so it serves as a setting for people watching too. In fact, you could say that about virtually every charming street in Paris city.

Rue des Rosiers

The bustling “Street of the Rosebushes” resides in the midst of the Marais district, the famous Jewish area in the French capital. The smell of falafel lures passerby into Middle Eastern eateries here, and trendy window displays lure shoppers into concept stores and vintage shops too. Here, you can find shops for everything from falafel, pastries and spiced bread to beauty products.

Rue Saint Dominique

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This street bursts with quintessential French things: bakeries that sell baguettes, pastry stores with delicately placed creations on the window, and distant views of the iconic Eiffel Tower. Picture Paris private tour in your mind and these images will certainly cross over it. If you want to have some classic French food, it has a plethora of restaurants too.

Rue Montorgueil

This market street is a sight for the sore eyes. It is home to confectionary shops and fresh produce stores with inviting window displays. It is also home to the oldest pastry shop in Paris, and a popular hot chocolate shop that has been here since 1910.

Rue des Martyrs

Situated in the trendy South Pigalle area, this street teems with eateries, specialty coffee shops, and hangout spots. The Trinité Church resides at the bottom of this road, and the Sacré Cœur Basilica can be seen from its top. To explore its beauty to the fullest, enter a rooftop coffee shop here, and simply let the world drift by.

Rue Crémieux

What makes this pedestrianized road charming is its trendy buildings with colorful exterior and adorned with pot plants on either side. Nestled away along the twelfth arrondissement, there is little else to do in this cobblestoned street other than appreciating its colorful houses and quirky nature.

Rue de Seine

Parallel to the Rue Bonaparte, this street is also equally pretty, quintessentially French, and laden with pastry stores. As its name implies, the street leads to the Seine River, passing through Saint Germain des Prés en route. If you love sweets and other types of food, then you can try European pastry shops, and restaurants with the à la carte menu.

Rue du Bac

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This is another quintessentially French street, which is always a favorite among visitors. Its quaintness lies not just in the cobbled paths, but parks and inviting doors. If you are a chocoholic, a taxidermy enthusiast or even a food lover, there are plenty of places to suit your tastes here.

Avenue Montaigne

With flagship boutiques of fashion designers lined up along, this avenue is a fashion shopper’s destination. You may have to spend big to buy a designer outfit in any of the boutiques here, but if you are more inclined to window-shopping, exploring this street can be equally fun and exciting too during your Paris private tour.

Rue de l’Annonciation

During Saturdays, this charming street comes to life with a market that sells roasted chicken, cheese, fresh seafood, and more. During the market day, Parisians and weekly market-goers come here to pick up fresh produce. Even on other days, people come here to shop grocery, have coffee and French croissants. All these make visiting it mouthwatering for hardcore foodies.