Paris All Set to Transform Itself into a Sporting Mecca

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The French Capital, Paris is internationally renowned for its iconic monuments, romantic atmosphere, scenic cities, breathtaking gardens, and other famous attractions. However, the City of Lights is slowly yet steadily transforming into a sporting Mecca too. The city will be hosting a number of exciting sports events in the coming years, and it will begin with the Ryder Cup, which is scheduled to begin in a few days.

The wide range of sports events that Paris city will be organizing also includes Summer Olympics 2024. Reports from several reliable sources indicate that the city has already started preparing for the global event. In fact, Paris will be hosting the Summer Olympics for the third time, and it is expected that millions of sports fans from all over the globe will be visiting Paris to witness the Olympic Games.

The Ryder Cup and the Summer Olympics

If you are a person who loves golf, then you should definitely go on a Paris tour this fall to watch the exciting 42 edition of the Ryder Cup. The Golf National de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, which is located just outside the French capital city, will be hosting the Ryder Cup this year. Another interesting thing to note is that this venue is all set to become the first venue in the world to host the Olympics and an elite team golf event.

The president of the Paris 2024 organizing committee, Tony Estanguet, said, “Delivering a spectacular Games is our collective goal. But Paris 2024 has to be a useful project, not just from 2018 to 2024, but also for the next decade, so that it can benefit future generations.”

Some of the cities that hosted the Olympics and other major sports tournaments have built multiple numbers of venues, which has in turn raised numerous concerns regarding ballooning budgets and money drain. However, Paris 2024 organizers have already announced that they will be constructing only one new sports facility, which will be called as the Aquatics Centre. Apart from that, the organizers will also be building a state-of-the-art pool facility in one of the poorest counties in the country.

The three-time Olympic canoeing champion, Estanguet said, “Fifty percent of children age 11 living in Seine-Saint-Denis do not know how to swim. This is partly why we decided to build a permanent swimming pool in a department, where a very small part of the population had access to this kind of facility.”

It is evident that these new sports facilities will transform this City of Lights into a sporting Mecca in the coming years.