Explore the Less Explored Places in Paris

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Paris Tourist Attractions

The number of tourist attractions in Paris is huge, and the beauty of the City of Lights is unexplainable. During their Paris tour, people seem to be visiting the most known places in the city. However, if you wanted more adventure and experience, you would definitely want to visit the lesser-known places in the city too. Below are some of such non-touristy spots in Paris.

La Recyclerie

La Recyclerie is a renovated train station that is now a part café, part farm, part market, and part community center, located in the Petite Ceinture. This is the best place for you to have a coffee break or a drink. You can get many local delicacies of Paris here, including vegetarian food items. Even at night, you can go grab a cocktail or tapas in La Recyclerie.

Little India

You can find the finest Indian restaurants in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, between the Gare de l’Est and Gare du Nord. Though they cannot compete with the shops in India, they are still good enough, and the food is not so expensive either. If you are tired of Parisian food, just go to the Indian restaurants here and have some yummy “Biryani”.

Tour Montparnasse

The Maine-Montparnasse is a non-touristy skyscraper, and from here, you can get a full 360-degree vision of the entire city. Go to the observation deck at the rooftop via an elevator, sip a cup of coffee or a glass of Champagne, and enjoy the night views of the beautiful city, and get indulged in the charm of the Eiffel Tower.

Parc de la Villette

The Parc de la Villette Park is a combination of culture and green space, with a strange hodgepodge having a contemporary design. The canals of the city run through this park. On the eastern bank, the place is home to the Philharmonie de Paris building, and on the western bank, there is a science and industry museum.

Riverbanks at Bibliothèque

During the warmer months, cafés and bars functioning in the Quai Francois-Mauriac area serve pizzas, drinks, and charcuterie plates. This place is ideal to visit during the evening and you get to try some very delicious French food. To reach here, you can take a metro and alight at the Quai de la Gare metro station.