A Few Fun Things to Do in Paris

Louvre Museum Tour

Tourist Attractions In Paris

The City of Lights is undoubtedly a top travel destination in the world. From the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre Museum, Palace of Versailles, Notre Dame Cathedral, and many other famous monuments and places, everything is worth visiting in Paris. So obviously, you will want to visit almost all the famous attractions in the city. However, just visiting all the famous monuments during your Paris city tour is not enough. A Paris tour becomes complete only when you add a bit of entertainment and shopping experience to your itinerary. Given below is a list of things you could consider to have great entertainment and a good shopping experience in the City of Lights.


Catch a Film at Le Louxor Cinema: The history of Le Louxor Cinema dates back to 1921, but it was recently refurbished and re-opened to the public in 2013. You can see many films, cinema workshops, concerts, and local cine-club here.

Look for Free Events: Paris is definitely not one of the cheapest cities in the world. However, there are always a wide variety of free events that are held here, especially during the summer. You can see photo exhibitions, concerts and festivals too.

Embrace your Inner Child at the Funfair Museum: This museum has a variety of amusement park memorabilia that dates from 1850-1950, including merry-go-rounds, swings, and many other rides. It is a timeless getaway into the themes of carnivals, garden, funfairs, and many more.


Vintage Shopping in Le Marais: The Marais District is one of the famous historic neighborhoods in Paris. There are many fashion shops here like Eleven Paris and Matières à Réflexion, which are sure to treat your senses. There are not only many kinds of vintage shops in the Marais District but also fashion houses, hip galleries, and restaurants.

Rue de Rivoli: This is one of the longest and famous streets in the city, which starts near Saint Paul, runs along the Louvre, and goes all the way to Hotel de Ville. You can get anything here, from souvenirs to Bohemian boutiques and high-end designer artifacts.

The St-Ouen Flea Market: If you are a big bargain hunter, then the St-Ouen Flea Market will be the best place for you. In fact, it is one of the largest flea markets in Europe, and has around 2,500 stalls divided into 14 specialty groups.