5 Famous Craft Stores in Paris

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Famous Craft Stores

The delicate fabrics, luscious woods, and antique buttons in the city of Paris makes it an ultimate destination for crafters. No matter whether you are looking for a craft piece for your next project or you just wish to simply browse through elegant craft works, the City of Lights has got you covered.

If you love to pick up little creative craft pieces while you are going on a Paris tour, then you should spend an afternoon in a Parisian craft store. Below are some of the best and most popular craft stores in the city of Paris that craft lovers should try to visit while they are in the city.

Lil Weasel

Lil Weasel, which is located along the delightful Passage du Grand Cerf arcade, has two stores in the city. One of these stores is entirely dedicated to knitting supplies and fine yarns, while the other store offers elegant sewing supplies and gorgeous fabrics. Both of these stores are incredibly decorated and have very friendly staff members.

L’Oisive Thé & La Bien Aimée

The elegant and fun pair of craft stores located at Rue de la Butte aux Cailles holds a spectacular collection of designer yarns. L’Oisive Thé is a combination of wood shop, knitting salon, and tea room, whereas the most luxurious products in the store can be found at La Bien Aimée.

La Droguerie

La Droguerie is filled with hand dyed tools, dozens of excellent patterned fabrics, an amazing wall of buttons, and embroidery threads. Most of the staff members of the craft shop are avid knitters and they will be more than happy to select the perfect yarn for you. The beautiful supplies in this store are something craft lovers shouldn’t miss when they are on a Paris tour.

Maison Cousu

Maison Cousu is a fantastic place to shop for craft pieces because they have an abundant collection of the most finest fabrics, wools, and threads. The products in the store range from professional to kid-friendly, which means that you will be easily able to find the right product for your needs.

Marché Saint-Pierre

Marché Saint-Pierre is located near the famous Sacré Coeur of Paris and it has an extensive collection of a wide variety of fabrics. If you are looking for some fabric cut, then you will have to note that the staff members at Marché Saint-Pierre use meters, not yards. However, most of them speak English and are very friendly.