5 Cheap Restaurants in the City of Lights

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Cheap Paris Restaurants

Visiting the Eiffel Tower and climbing up the stairs to the top of the structure might feel like the most important thing to do while you are going on a Paris tour. However, if you are a food lover, we assure you that you will be more thrilled to try the delicious French food in the city rather than just visiting the Eiffel Tower and it will be the most exciting part of your tour to the City of Lights.

The city of Paris has a reputation for being fashionable, romantic, and often expensive among several tourists. It is true that having a nice and delicious dinner in the city can be a little bit expensive. Yet even if you were planning to stay on a budget during your Paris tour, you can treat yourself to a classic French meal at least once and switch to any one of the following cheap restaurants on other days.

L’as du falafel

L’as du falafel is one of the cheapest restaurants in the city of Paris and it is always filled with food lovers from all over the globe. The falafel sandwich served at the L’as du falafel costs just €6 is incredibly delicious and worth the price.

Breizh Café

Some of the finest sweet crepes in the city can be found at the famous Breizh Café, which is just a short walk away from the L’as du falafel. Make sure to try the delicious buckwheat versions with egg, ham, and cheese when you are visiting the café. It costs just around €10.

Krishna Bhavan

If you are planning to try different varieties of food items and snacks while you are in the city, make sure to visit the Indian restaurant, Krishna Bhavan. You can find several delicious spicy Indian food items for an affordable price of €10 or less in the restaurant.


Rue Sainte-Anne, which is located in the 1st arrondissement of the City of Lights, is home to several delicious Japanese restaurants that serve fine food items and snacks for a wide range of prices. However, Higuma also has an affordable menu and a delicious bowl of ramen here costs just €7.50.

Bistrot Victoires

Bistrot Victoires is the ideal choice for tourists who wish to enjoy the delicious and authentic French cuisine on a budget during their Paris tour. You can find different salads in the restaurant and most of them are priced under €10.