The Top 3 Independent Art Galleries in Paris City

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Art Galleries In Paris

The Musée du Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay are two of the preeminent museums in Paris. Both museums in the City of Lights usually take the limelight away from independent art galleries. For instance, only a few may know about the Galerie Sismann nearby the Louvre and d’Orsay museum.

The Sismann Gallery, found in 1994 by Gabriela and Mathieu Sismann, is home to wooden sculptures, terracotta objects, and marble statues of well-known figures. It has a grand ‘Old Master Sculpture’ collection at the Parisian art gallery. Other than the Louvre and its nearby popular attractions, visit the below independent art galleries too when on a Paris tour.

Galerie Xippas

This art gallery found in 1990 by Renos Xippas is situated in the charming Le Marais district. A decade since its opening in the French capital, the gallery has opened a new space in Greece and another one in 2010 in Uruguay. Further, Xippas also opened La Réserve in Pacy-sur-Eure commune in France in the mid-2000’s as a space to exhibit experimental artworks. Galerie Xippas is devoted to displaying contemporary artworks. Its interior featuring a ghost wall and a transparent staircase is gorgeous sight to look at.

Millésime Gallery

This small art gallery owned by Juliette Murcia lies below the Eiffel Tower’s steelwork. If you have vested interests in photography this is the place to be in while exploring Paris City’s iconic places. One of its salient features is the Cadre Art workshop dedicated to photo framing. Visit the gallery once you are free and you might be able to see artworks that are yet to be framed as well.

La Maréchalerie

This contemporary art centre found in 2004 is situated just behind the Palace of Versailles’s section named the Petite Écurie. The gallery is in parts a tourist attraction as well as an exhibition space with notable architecture. The building was a hallway prior to its founding, which has two ends overlooking a castle and the Versailles town through projecting bay windows. Its high ceiling has a certain Idiosyncrasy to it that captures the imaginations of people.

Aside from these art galleries, Paris is home to the Centre Pompidou, which has a façade featuring a colorful pipe work. Pompidou is home to artworks that traces the Cubism era, Fauvism era, Surrealism movement, and Abstract Expressionism.