The Rose Empire Exhibit to Run until July 23 This Year in Louvre-Lens

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The Louvre-Lens, which is a regional branch of Musée du Louvre in Paris, situated in Lens commune now, hosts an exhibition devoted to artworks of Qajar dynasty that ruled Persia from late 18th Century to early 20th Century. Note that this royal dynasty occupied an area, which is part of Iran of the modern-day.

This empire is a fascinating one in Iran’s history, which saw the signing of a peace treaty between the Ottoman Empire, innovation, modernization, and a renaissance in Persian arts, centered mostly on talented court artists who were commissioned to paint murals and create other artworks for the royal sovereign rulers of ancient Iran.

The exhibition titled ‘The Rose Empire’ starts by taking those on private Louvre Museum tour in Lens commune to exhibit floors displaying journals and other publications of artists to traveled Europe during the reign of Qajar dynasty, including Jules Laurens, and Pascal Coste. Inside the gallery of Louvre-Lens where the exhibit is running, the row of rooms are inspired by the architecture of Fath Ali Shah’s palatial home in Sulaymaniyah.

The blueprint for his palatial home, which is now preserved in L’Alcazar library in Marseille city in France, was drawn by the French architect Pascal Coste back in the 19th Century.

The Rose Empire exhibit also throws light on the artworks of court artists of the Qajar dynasty period, bringing it to life with loans from other private collections of some of the top institutions in Europe, North America, and the Middle Eastern countries. Many of those works of art chronicling the empire is being displayed to the public for the first time ever in Louvre-Lens. They comprise of murals, paintings, jewelry items, clothing, photos, enamels, and some ceremonial weapons.

The French fashion designer, Christian Lacroix, has contributed to the design aspects of exhibit floors, which is more or less a walk through rooms of an opulent palace from ancient Persia. Visitors on a Louvre-Lens tour can enter the gallery via an entrance inspired by arcades depicted in ‘Ruines du palais d’Ashra,’ a 19th Century painting by French artist Jules Laurens, which is now on loan from Bibliothèque Inguimbertine library in Carpentras. Further, Lelièvre Paris has provided furniture and silk as a sign of support to the Rose Empire exhibit at the Musée du Louvre.