Skipping the Line at the Busiest Attractions in Paris

Louvre Museum Tours

Busiest Attractions In Paris

The terrifying long queues in front of the popular attractions in the City of Lights can be much annoying to the visitors. It is very sad that tourists on Louvre Museum tours have to spend many hours of their precious vacation time waiting in queues to enter the museum. However, there are a few ways to skip the line and enjoy the attractions. Below are the two of the busiest attractions in the city of Paris and some tips to skip the unending lines in front of them.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most busy tourist places in Paris city and many of the Paris tour operators say that the lines are getting bigger every year. If you are looking to have priority access to the tower and skip the line, you can ask your Paris tour guide to book the tickets in advance. Make sure that the guide books the tickets at least 4 to 5 days in advance, as the online tickets will be sold out real fast.

You may also buy the tickets on your own from the official website for a normal visit without a tour guide. The procedure is easy and you don’t even need to print the ticket, you can just show the barcode on your cell phone. If it happened that all the online tickets are sold out and you really need to explore the monument, you can buy the tickets from the offices at the second floor and ground floor of the Eiffel Tower.

Louvre Museum

It is a fact that the Musée de Louvre is the most visited and the busiest museum in the world. Usually, the entrance to the museum is much crowded and the waiting time to enter the museum can be very long. To skip the line in front of the museum, you can use the Porte des Lions entrance. If that is closed for some reason, you can go for the Carrousel de Louvre entrance, which is in the underground shopping mall. Never use the main Glass Pyramid entrance for your Louvre Museum tours, as it is the most crowded one.

If you find that all the entrances to the museum are crowded, you can get the Paris Museum Pass, as it will offer you access to the Louvre and other sixty museums in and around the city. Another practical solution is to visit the place on Wednesday and Friday evening, as the museum will be open to public until 09.45 pm on these days. The museum will be closed on Tuesdays and will be open until 06:00 pm on all other days.

You might know that entry to the museum for European citizens below the age of 26 is free, but may not know that you can enter the museum without any ticket on Fridays after 06:00 pm. You can save 9 Euros by visiting the place after 6 pm on Friday nights.