3 Interesting Places to See When Visiting London’s South Bank

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It is true that a number of places or spots come into our mind when we hear the word “London”. The most popular spots most of us remember will most likely be the Palace of Westminster, the London Eye, and the Big Ben. One of the most noticeable common things three of these spots share are they all can be seen from London’s South Bank, which is actually a stretch of land that runs along the famous River Thames from Waterloo to Blackfriars and further.

The South Bank in the city of London has some of the most interesting and loveliest places that you shouldn’t miss during your London walking tours. However, it is true that tourists who are on their first London old city tour often wonder where to go in the South Bank of London to make the most of their tour. If you are one such traveler, then below are a few places that you should check out while you are visiting London’s South Bank.

House of Vans

House of Vans, which is located in the Old Vic Tunnels of London right underneath Waterloo station, is an absolute delight for the ones who are huge fans of art, music, and skateboarding. This is, in fact, the only indoor skate park in the city of London. In addition to that, this place also contains a venue for music events, a gallery, a café, and 2 bars that serves American style fast foods.

Royal Festival Hall

The Royal Festival Hall in London’s South Bank is actually a performance venue that entertains tourists and natives with the exceptional stand-up comedy performances, live orchestra events, and more. It is located in the Southbank Centre and it is capable of admitting approximately 3000 people.

Try not to miss the Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Gardens located right on top of the Southbank Centre during your London walking tours. This vibrant and fresh free spot will help you to stay calm and relaxed after a busy day of sightseeing.


It seems that Londoners’ love affair with street food has no signs of slowing down. If you are a person who loves street food, then the South Bank of London has a lot in store for you. The Mexican restaurant, Wahaca is one of the finest and undoubtedly the best destination for tourists to start their London street food dining experience. Trying a few dishes here would certainly be the cherry on top of your London walking tours.